Kuala Lumpur Airport Informational Guide to Kuala Lumpur International Airport - KUL - Non Official

Kuala Lumpur Airport Taxi

Get within an hour to downtown Kuala Lumpur from the airport. 

At Kuala Lumpur Airport there are different ways to take a taxi: 


There are two kinds of taxi service in the Main Terminal; Airport Taxis and Metered City Taxis.

Airport Taxi

A coupon system. Passengers buy the tickets on a counter and take the taxi.


Rates are already fixed and start at MYR 37

Surcharge is applied between 00:00 am to 05:00 am. 

Large types of vehicles available. 

Where to book a taxi?

Tickets booths are located in the arrivals areas of the Main Terminal Building.

For more information, please visit its website.

   Metered City Taxi

Metered City Taxis works according to distance and times.


There is a flag fall charge between MYR 3.00 and MYR 6.00 and then depending the destination.

Where to book a taxi?

Coupons have to be purchased at the ticket counters, at level 1 of the Main Terminal. 

*take into consideration that fares may change. 


From Klia2 there are a couple of kinds of taxi as well: 

Couponed Service

   Works with fixed rates depending on destination.       

   Where to book a taxi?

Tickets can be bought on the transport hub of level 1, in  Terminal klia2.

   Metered Service

They work according to the distance and time.


Start with a MYR 3.00 to MYR 6.00 depending on the kind of taxi you choose. 

Where to book a taxi?

Coupons can be purchased at level 1 of terminal 2, in the transportation hub.  

*take into consideration that fares may change. 


Grab, a ridesharing service very popular in Southeast Asia, is available at Kuala Lumpur Airport.


If you want private transport from Kuala Lumpur Airport to any destination, you can book a transfer. 

Book a transfer at Kuala Lumpur Airport