Kuala Lumpur Airport Guide to Kuala Lumpur International Airport - KLIA

Terminals Kuala Lumpur Airport

Kuala Lumpur Airport, also known as KLIA, is formed by three Terminals: the Main Terminal, the Satellite Terminal and klia2 Terminal. In addition, there’s a fourth virtual terminal, KL City Air Terminal, to enable passengers -from some airlines- do the check-in. It has three parallel runways.

Main Terminal Building (MTB)

The KLIA Main Terminal Building (MTB) is located in between the two runways and accommodates domestic and regional flights and also international flights routed to other hubs within Malaysia.

Currently only Malaysia Airlines is using the Main Terminal, it means that is the domestic terminal for the airline, although the terminal handles some international flights.

The Contact Pier is directly connected to KLIA Main Terminal. It’s gates are named with A and B for domestic flights and G and H for the international flights. Both packs A&B and G&H share the same boarding lounge.

The terminal is provided with a total of 216 check-in counters situated in 6 different islands and named by the letters A - M (letter I is not included).

On the future it’s planned to expand the terminal and add more check-in kiosks among other projects.

KLIA has been elected three times as the World’s Best Airport (15-25 million passengers annually) in the 2005 AETRA awards, 2006 ACI-ASQ awards and 2007 ACI-ASQ awards.

Satellite Terminal A

The satellite terminal operates with most of the international flights at Kuala Lumpur airport. It has 27 boarding gates which are indicated with the letter C. Travelers can arrive to the satellite building through the Aerotrain transportation.

In the middle of the terminal there’s a natural green space which features and exhibits the typical rainforests of the country of Malaysia. The airport’s motto is “’Airport in the Forest, Forest in the Airport”.

The Satellite Terminal provides passengers lots of different services and facilities. Restaurants, cafes and lounges are available for all travelers and in the building are installed some international brands. The terminal is also provided with showers, prayers rooms, children’s areas and movie lounge among others.

klia2 (KUL2)

klia2 is the New Terminal at Kuala Lumpur Airport and it’s two kilometers far away from the Main Terminal.

klia2 has replaced the Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) and currently is destined to be a global benchmark because its aim is to connect full service carriers with the low cost ones. Currently is the world’s largest terminal dedicated to low-cost carriers and the fast- growing low cost carrier hub in this region.The New Terminal is been built to cater the explosive growth in low cost travel in the region of the Kuala Lumpur airport.

Check-in counters are marked by the letters S-Z and are located in 4 islands.Boarding gates are located in 5 piers:

- Domestic flights: Indicated by the letters J and K. Gates are linked directly to the Main Terminal.

International flights: Indicated by the letters L, P and Q. Gates from P and Q are connected to the Main Terminal through a skybridge.

Piers K and L share same gates but waiting loungers are in different levels.

Klia2 is designed to handle 45 million travellers annually. It has 68 gates, 4 runways, 80 aerobridges and 10 remote stands. It’s linked with its satellite piers via a skybridge and it’s cataloged with the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED).

The terminal is provided with shops and restaurants for all passengers. During next years it’s planned to expand klia2 to handle more passengers.

KL City Air Terminal

Provides check-in services to some airlines. Currently those airlines are: Cathay Pacific, Etihad Airways, Emirates Airlines, Royal Brunei Airlines and Malaysia Airlines.

KL City Air Terminal, also known as Kuala Lumpur City Air Terminal or KL CAT, is a virtual extension of Kuala Lumpur airport and is located in KL Sentral, a transit-oriented development that houses the main railway station of the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

It’s planned to enable all airlines offer the city check-in service for all passengers, 10 check-in desks were installed to provide the service.